Should I Be Advertising On Closeout Websites?

There are different kinds of closeout websites you can either advertise on or subscribe to. They often have different audiences so before doing anything you have to understand the difference and be clear on what you are trying to accomplish.

1. Closeout Websites for selling. To start, you have understand there are some closeout websites that can help you sell and some that can help you buy. If you are looking for a way to sell closeouts you will want to consider a site like where you can list products for sale. On this kind of website your goal is to post products where overstock buyers can find your listings and contact you. Buyers for surplus inventory often visit this type of closeout website looking for deals on overstock and discontinued inventory.

2. Closeout Websites for buying. If your goal is to buy closeouts you can advertise on industry websites promoting your company as buyers for surplus inventory and overstock buyers. It would be best to identify those categories where you have the most interest in buying, and target these specific trades. When doing this type of advertising, it can be expensive so it is important to clarify the type of merchandise you want to buy. Some closeout companies specialize in apparel and soft goods, while others specialize in industrial goods and components.

3. Deal Sites. These websites sell closeouts that are often their own offerings and they don’t always allow outside sellers to participate. So you may have to find sites that will allow you to subscribe and list your own offers for sale. This would include companies like Groupon and Their audience may be made up of customers seeking special deals and overstock buyers ready to take advantage of special discounts on everything from appliances to sporting goods and closeouts of toys, apparel and hardware.

4. Auction Sites. These closeout websites typically allow you to sell excess inventory by the case, pallet or full truckload. Buyers for surplus inventory of this nature will bid on your merchandise at auction, and you will sell to the highest bidder. This is an effective way to sell closeouts you are trying to move in large quantity and where your main goal it simply to get rid of surplus merchandise. If your primary goal is to get as much as possible for your product these closeout websites would not be the best option.

5. Reseller Platforms. These are websites like eBay, Amazon,, Groupon, etc. These sites will let you sell excess inventory at a discount direct to the consumer. These companies are already well known and they get a ton of traffic, so it makes your job of posting and finding buyers for surplus inventory relatively easy. You can sell closeouts of almost any category on these sites because they are know for merchandise from giftware and home accents to closeouts of apparel, sporting goods and toys.