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Selling Surplus Inventory? Canceled Orders? Selling Old Inventory?

In todays economy, every business runs the risk of accumulating excess wholesale merchandise. This can happen as a result of poor inventory planning, improper management, slow sales growth, or shutting down a warehouse and closing a business. It is more important that ever to sell closeouts to a wholesale liquidator with experience in all facets of inventory management. If you are having a problem selling old inventory then you may need to talk with closeout buyers you may consider selling surplus inventory to liquidate wholesale items and get rid of unwanted merchandise. Merchandise USA and their team of closeout buyers can help you with wholesale lots you have for sale, or any wholesale liquidation you may be planning. We have been in business 35+ years and we specialize in buying excess inventory liquidations and other liquidation merchandise for sale. We carry all categories of general consumer staples including pet product closeouts, housewares closeouts, closeout toys, sporting goods closeouts, home decor closeouts, and much more.

When you are looking for a company that specializes in wholesale liquidation services, turn to an overstock buyer that can purchase inventory of any size. Merchandise USA is one of the most respected and reliable wholesale liquidators in our industry. We have established an A+ reputation by purchasing overstock and closeout inventory from companies of all types. In fact, many large U.S. corporations turn to use to liquidate overstock and wholesale items. We have a broad and extensive customer base, allowing us to move large volumes of excess merchandise. So whether you are shutting down your business, downsizing a warehouse, closing due to the economyu, getting out of business and liquidating, or simply clearing old stock, we can help you through the liquidation process.

Make us your #1 source for overstock liquidations of closeout home decor, closeout home accents, closeout hardware, toy closeouts and lawn and garden closeouts. Call us first when closing your warehouse or liquidating inventory. We have been buying closeouts for almost four decades and continue to be a leader in buying and selling wholesale overstock. We have warehouse facilities in Chicago, and showrooms in Chicago and Miami allowing us to reach a wide network of closeout buyers capable of taking large amounts of inventory. We know you have a choice when liquidating inventory, so consider us a potential partner to work with you whether it be a single liquidation, or if you need a partner who you can count on regularly to help liquidate your overstock. If you want to get a good idea of what our excess inventory buyers purchase, our closeout website is filled with home decor at closeout prices, discontinued lawn and garden products, name brand toys at liquidation bargain basement prices and much more.

Due to the aftermath of Covid-19 many major chains cancelled orders leaving importers and distributors with large amounts of inventory to unload. We have been buying large parcels of inventory due to the effects of this. Many companies need to get rid of inventory due to Covid-19, and even more companies are closing and shutting down operations due to Covid-19. If your logistics warehouse has managed to navigate through these challenging times, at the very least you likely have to sell unwanted inventory and deal with some nature of inventory liquidation. We are experiencing more calls and emails than ever before and have been working to liquidate 3PL warehouses, deal with vendors who are winding up companies and selling surplus products. These are unprecedented times affecting all of us, and all sales organizations are having a difficult time trying to figure out the best way to get rid of obsolete inventory to closeout buyers who can pay quickly and handle large volumes of merchandise. Merchandise USA has been one of the largest closeout buyers in the industry for more than 35 years. If you are looking to sell overstock inventory call us today for an immediate quote on your complete liquidation inventory.

The following are some examples of liquidation inventory we buy: Name brand closeouts, closeout craft inventory, closeout housewares, stationery, toys, pet products, closeout luggage, discontinued inventory, warehouse closings, giftware, and obsolete home decor. We can also help you liquidate pet products, domestics, home goods liquidations and B2B overstock. Merchandise USA has been in business more than 35 years and we are a leader when it comes to distressed merchandise closeout sales and liquidation sales. Merchandise USA has a team of closeout buyers and we have been in business more than 35 years.