Selling Dead Stock Once And For All. Here’s How To Get The Best Return.

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There is no magic potion for an easy when it comes time to sell obsolete inventory.It takes research, commitment and time in order to find the right excess stock buyers for your merchandise.There are closeout websites all over the internet, but not all closeout companies are created equal.Here are are some good recommendations if you want to sell surplus inventory and get rid of dead stock.

1. Sell online. If you have not yet tried to sell obsolete inventory online you may be missing an opportunity. In today’s e-commerce world you can sell almost anything online.But if you don’t want to sell closeouts to the consumer on a direct B2C platform like eBay, Amazon,, Wayfair, etc, you can always just search for excess stock buyers online and find a wholesale company to buy the inventory from you. There are many different closeout websites that either act as excess stock buyers or they will direct you to the best places to sell surplus inventory.

2. Closeout Websites. You can find various closeout websites by doing a Google search for companies that sell obsolete inventory and sell surplus inventory.These companies are typically wholesale buyers and they have the ability to buy out large inventories of excess merchandise.They specialize in closeouts and discontinued inventory so they know how to sell surplus inventory to the right users. Most of these outfits have their own warehouse so they can pickup your merchandise and bring it back to their warehouse. In some cases they act more as a closeout broker, in which case they will try to ship your stock directly from one warehouse to another.

3. Trade Shows. Now that things are looking brighter on the Covid-19 front, there is talk of trade show schedules beginning to re-open.This means that once again you can hit the road and sell your wares at conventions and trade shows.There are some shows designed specifically to help sell obsolete inventory and this may be a good opportunity for you to move some merchandise.Excess stock buyers will typically attend these shows looking for closeouts and deals for their stores.Online buyers often attend these shows as well to find product to list on their closeout websites.