Selling Closeouts? Here’s Why Point Of Purchase Displays Are So Important.

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In the world of product displays, appearances are paramount. If you want to successfully market closeout and overstock merchandise and sell products at retail, it's crucial to showcase your products to overstock buyers in a way that highlights their benefits front and center at the point of purchase (POP). You might have top-of-the-line closeout products, but without an eye-catching display, they can easily get lost in the sea of options at any retail store. Inventory that doesn’t get sold on the retail floor often gets liquidated to closeout brokers and inventory liquidators for pennies on the dollar To get potential customers' attention and better sell your products, find out more about what POP displays are, the kinds available and the reasons. Companies that liquidate inventory can help you better understand all this.

Closeout websites don’t have to worry about point of purchase because they are selling online. But companies that liquidate inventory and sell in brick and mortar stores need to display things better. Closeout brokers, inventory liquidators and overstock buyers often promote their goods solely by discounted the prices low enough to get rid of dead stock. They can have an inventory liquidation sale and contact wholesale liquidators about picking up the merchandise below cost. There is little need to setup fancy POP displays to better merchandise the products. These goods are liquidated and move quickly based on very low prices. Closeout websites often dispose of inventory like this by having flash sales.

A POP Display means a point-of-purchase display. It is a great way to merchandise and sell excess inventory that is sitting in the warehouse not selling. Sometimes referred to as point-of-sale displays, POP displays are advertisements placed beside or near merchandise being liquidated. Overstock companies and inventory liquidators understand that the location of your POP display is very important. Closeout wholesalers will set potential buyers on a path to purchase by exposing them to attractive products. Closeout brokers may even advertise name brand closeouts below cost just to get the customer hooked and bring them into the store. Generally, these displays prompt shoppers to buy the item and provide information about its benefits.

In addition to taking advantage of the upsurge in impulse buying, point of purchase (POP) displays often prove to be more productive than advertising and promotional expenditures. If you are closing the business or shutting down yoru warehouse, POP displays can promote going out of business sales or inventory liquidations. It’s a great way to let customers know they can buy excess inventory and liquidation stock. They also provide additional in-store sales support by communicating key information to customers quickly and effectively. Furthermore, companies that liquidate inventory use POP to meet the ever-changing expectations and shopping patterns of consumers, at a significant cost savings compared to revamping an entire promotional or advertising campaign. If you are selling old inventory POP displays can make old inventory look fresh again, and it may help you sell unwanted inventory. This is essential for keeping up with the swiftly evolving trends of Internet commerce

Banner stands are a type of stand-alone signage that can be placed throughout a store with relative ease. They are larger than most POP displays, but their mobility gives retailers flexibility in where they position them. These can shout messages like Buy Closeouts or Liquidating Inventory and Closeouts For Sale. Most POP displays will hold the physical products being advertised, but banner stands only act as signage and advertisement. Inventory liquidators are pros when it comes to using POP displays because the understand the value in promoting dead stock and getting rid of merchandise. Sometimes you have to create excitement so overstock buyers and excess inventory buyers start shopping. Overstock items can be difficult to get rid of, but with the right POP displays it may be easier.

Endcap displays are placed at the end of an aisle, allowing customers to view the advertised product without going down the particular aisle. End cap displays resemble freestanding displays in their organization, but the key difference is that freestanding displays can be placed anywhere throughout a store, end cap displays are only found at the end of aisles. This is good for name brand closeouts of toys, housewares, home décor, lawn and garden and other desirable closeouts. Closeout merchandise is often sold at a loss and at times companies are even willing to donate their dead inventory. But with the right displays it can be easier to liquidate inventory and slow moving merchandise.

POP displays can also help you build your company's brand when you outfit them with attractive, brand-friendly graphics and logos. Closeout liquidators often do this with large signage and online liquidation sales. Even if the display doesn't inspire someone to buy your product, they'll be more aware of your brand and more likely to purchase in the future. Additionally, an effective POP display helps companies receive premium placement for their products at the retail store level. Name brand closeouts do best when they are easy for the customer to see and understand. Liquidating old merchandise takes work so if you decide to have an overstock liquidation sale, consider using POP displays.

Retailers love POP displays because they're a proven way to help sell your inventory and optimize sales space. Your product displays are so important in grabbing the attention of shoppers. With a well-designed POP display, you can easily highlight your product’s most notable features and catch your customers' attention. Overstock closeouts and liquidation stock should be presented to the customers in such a way that it is appealing and almost jumping off the shelf. As shoppers walk around a store, they can get lost in a fog of products. POP displays break through that confusion and guide buyers to a particular product. The information on the displays can convince them to buy wholesale closeouts.

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