What Exactly Is Shopify And Can It Help Me Sell Closeouts?

sell dead stock, liquidate merchandise

Shopify is a subscription based software company that allows anyone to setup an online store. It offers a wide range of products so you can setup a simple out-of-the box store, or you can create your own more specialized version of what works for you. You can create different stores for different purposes but the goal will be the same. Sell excess inventory and discontinued products.

1. Exclusive Deal Sites. If you are in the closeouts business and all you do is liquidate merchandise, you can create a shopify store where you only sell dead stock and get rid of old inventory. This would be a kind of “discount deal” site where everything is closeout and you cater to buyers for inventory that is being sold off or discontinued. Smaller independent deal sites similar to Groupon, Overstock.com and Zulily continue to become more popular as a way to sell excess inventory. Buyers for inventory of this nature are always looking for new places to buy closeouts and find special deals.

2. A Way To Liquidate Closeouts. If you already have an established brick and mortar or online store, you can still use Shopify to create a new, separate and unique platform to sell dead stock and get rid of old inventory. Maybe you don’t want to liquidate merchandise to your existing customers, because you’re afraid that instead of buying your regular products they’ll wait until you want to get rid of old inventory. Maybe you choose to protect your brand and don’t want steep discounts to be associated with your existing store name. But if you are in the retail business you must have a way to sell dead stock and get rid of old inventory. Having a unique Shopify store could be your best option to liquidate merchandise.

3. Promote Brick & Mortar. You can use Shopify as a tool to do nothing but promote your existing brick and mortar store. Advertise a Mother’s Day promotion, tell your customers about an exciting hire you made, share details about new merchandise on it’s way, etc. You can liquidate merchandise but your customers don’t have to wait until they visit your store; give them previews of special deals and closeouts to keep them engaged. You can get rid of old inventory in the store by advertising it here.

These deal sites are popular for good reasons. As more and more consumers shop online and the amount of buyers for inventory closeouts increases, there will be continued demand for more stores. The key to success will be in using platforms like Shopify to help you create an exciting way to sell closeout inventory. Buyers for inventory of all categories visit thousands of Shopify stores every day.