Re-opening The Economy. Five Tips For Selling Discontinued Inventory

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1. Trade Shows. Convention centers are opening again for major conventions. If you have accumulated old inventory and closeouts over the past year, it may be time to look for excess inventory buyers. You can exhibit at trade shows to sell old inventory and find buyers who specialize in buying closeouts. There are shows in all major consumer categories including pet, housewares, gift, souvenirs, novelties, apparel, and much more. Closeouts are popular among today’s shoppers so you should experience sufficient demand to sell excess inventory at trade shows or even on closeout websites.

2. Showrooms. As things go back to normal, it will be okay to have customers visit your showroom again. Our recent past of having meetings only on Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom may be more limited moving ahead. We can now have our excess inventory buyers visit our showroom where they can see everything again in person. The way we bought and sold closeouts changed during Covid-19, but hopefully in the coming months we can return to meeting customers face to face.

3. Cold Calls. It should become easier again to reach qualified buyers at the office. Many stay at home workers will begin answering their desk phones again as they return to their office. We have been able to sell old inventory and discontinued products on closeout websites, ecommerce sites, emails and video calls. Hopefully we will begin reaching new customers again by prospecting new accounts at their office.

4. Travel. Flying and traveling is much safer now that so many American’s have been vaccinated. It’s okay again to hit the road with sample boxes of closeouts and visit your excess inventory buyers at their stores. Customers love it when a salesperson takes the time to pack up samples and visit them at their stores. Not only does it give them an opportunity to show off, but it makes buying closeouts easy for them. One of the best ways to sell old inventory and get rid of merchandise is to visit your customer with samples. Closeout websites that promise to post your listings for sale can be helpful, but is no substitute for in person visits.

5. Cash And Carry. These wholesale operations are perfect for servicing smaller accounts. You can have your customers come into your warehouse and buy small quantities of each item. Since you don’t have to pack and ship them you can let smaller excess inventory buyers purchase in short lots. You can also get a little more money because they are only taking small quantities. Cash and Carry will always be a popular way for accounts to buy and sell old inventory, closeouts, and discontinued merchandise.