How To Clear Old Closeouts For Top Dollar.

overstock buyers liquidating inventory

Getting rid of closeouts is a necessary evil for any direct importer or 3PL warehouse operating in today's challenging business environment. Even with supply chain disruptions there is still a need to liquidate merchandise and sell overstock inventory to make more room in the warehouse and generate cash flow. If businesses don't sell excess inventory in a timely manner, they risk accumulated too much dead stock.

There are many ways to get rid of closeouts so your business can reinvest the money for future growth, instead of having overstock inventory sit idle in the warehouse for years. Below are 5 top ways to liquidate merchandise to overstock buyers, closeout brokers, closeout websites and other liquidation buyers.

Closeout Websites. A simple online search will term up more closeout websites than you can imagine. These are basically online discount retail stores that buy closeouts and liquidate merchandise direct to the consumer. Today's bargain shopper will search far and wide for a good deal and this creates a great opportunity for businesses to sell excess inventory and get rid of overstock.

Closeout Liquidation Companies. These wholesalers specialize in closeouts and buying excess inventory from businesses that need to liquidate merchandise. They work with companies shutting down 3PL warehouses, businesses that have discontinued and overstock inventory, companies that are closing and liquidating, and importers that want to sell excess inventory for cash. They are specialists in liquidating inventory and they know how to place surplus goods into a secondary market.

Auction Sites. These sites sell closeouts either business to business or direct to the consumer. They can help you liquidate merchandise by the box or the pallet, and even by the truckload. There are many ways to sell surplus merchandise to liquidation buyers; auction sites and closeout websites are both great ways to get rid of dead stock. The only potential downside is you have to take whatever someone is willing to give for your merchandise and the liquidation sale may be below your original cost.

Discount Retailers. Some of the biggest names in discount closeout buyers are TJ Maxx, Burlington, Ross, Ollies, Five Below and Dollar Tree. These big box stores can all be great customers for you if you need to liquidate merchandise and sell large volumes of closeouts and overstock inventory. They have the ability to buy closeouts in large quantities because they have so many outlets. They like selling closeout merchandise because it is a way for them to offer their customers great values on name brand closeouts. If you are liquidating inventory try going direct to retail first.

Truckload Or Pallet Sales. There are companies that specialize in selling closeouts by the pallet. They will frequently have liquidation Closeout pallets of overstock wholesale merchandise on hand and ready to ship. Buying Closeouts by the pallet gives you an advantage by minimizing your cost of goods and getting the best variety. These closeout buyers understand that many customers can not accommodate a truckload whether it be because of space or funds, This is why they offer liquidation pallets. Many of these pallets are of Branded Goods that were recently taken off the shelves of some of the most well known department stores. All merchandise is still brand new closeouts but it was liquidation stock due to package change, slow selling inventory or business liquidation.