Is This A Bad Time To Start A New Business?

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In a climate of uncertainty, you would think Americans would be more risk-averse, but it turns out that the opposite is true. Americans are going big and moving into entrepreneurship and away from the 9-5 grind. We have seen a mass exodus from corporate America with The Great Resignation. Since the pandemic started, people have been leaving their jobs in droves to find greater flexibility and control over their own destinies. Americans are no longer settling for mediocrity in fear of losing security. According to the Washington Post, 4.3 million people quit their jobs in January 2022. Closeout websites have become much more common as closeout brokers help businesses sell excess inventory and liquidate Amazon inventory.

As it turns out, business ownership has become a great alternative to working in corporate America. Data from the Census Bureau revealed a 24 percent increase in business applications in 2020, the highest jump since it started tracking the data in 2004. Franchising makes the path to business ownership easier and attracts people who don’t want to go through the trial and error of starting everything themselves. Through franchising, aspiring entrepreneurs can step right into a proven business model with training and support. Wholesale liquidators are excess inventory buyers that sell excess inventory to discount retail stores in an effort to help businesses either reduce overstock inventory in the warehouse, liquidate Amazon FBA seller accounts or sell excess inventory due to canceled orders. They are often referred to as closeout brokers and they can also sell inventory to closeout websites that sell online at discounted prices.

If you have been considering business ownership, you are not alone. conducts monthly surveys of people looking into franchises and other business opportunities. Survey results reveal a resilient optimism among U.S. entrepreneurs. Businesses are often faced with having too much inventory in the warehouse and they have to call closeout brokers to help them liquidate overstock merchandise. Excess inventory buyers often rely on closeout websites and closeout distributors to find homes for this kind of stock. For a deep dive into America’s attitudes toward business ownership, we have compiled highlights from’s findings since early 2020.

Inflation hit a four-decade peak in April of this year and the worst Standard & Poor’s decline since 1970. But according to an April survey, 59.3% of aspiring business owners nevertheless had firm plans to start a business within the next three months, and 67.2% were “more or much more likely” to move forward than in the previous three-month period. If you are shutting down a warehouse or moving to a smaller warehouse you will likely have old unsold inventory to get rid of. A Google search for terms including liquidate Amazon warehouse stock, sell excess inventory, or buyers for overstock will get you moving in the right direction., As for the pandemic’s effect on their plans, 40.5% said it increased their determination to chart their own future via business ownership. Slightly over three-quarters of respondents saw business conditions about the same or getting better in the next three months.

From January through April 2021, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial dreams thrived. In January, shortly after President Biden was inaugurated and vaccine availability was increasing, 25.6% of entrepreneurs surveyed were planning to launch businesses in four to six months. In February, entrepreneurs expressing intent to start or buy “this month” rose to a record 31.2% of respondents. In March, 69.3% of respondents (a 12-month high) agreed or strongly agreed that “now is a good time to start a business,” which at that time was the largest percentage since February 2020, when the pandemic began making headlines. And in April, 65.4% of entrepreneurs surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that “now is a good time to start a business. Businesses that sell liquidation stock have done very well post-pandemic and this may be a good time for closeout companies with liquidation stock for sale.

Changing from working for someone else to working for yourself can be quite a transition, and has quite a learning curve, which is why a good number of folks opt to open a franchise. In doing so, they get training as part of the purchase of a franchise business, which they don’t get if they open their own business. New start-ups have to work hard for brand recognition, but a franchise already has that, along with the support and backing of an established business model. Plus, when choosing a franchise, the “standard operating procedures” come with the package, and so they just follow the proven process, in most cases, to be successful. With that in mind, I think it’s of value to reflect on why 2022 will be a perfect storm, where the most important conditions are converging to support new-business success. Every wholesale business owner will have to deal with the problem of having too much inventory on hand and they will need to liquidate and one time or another. Wholesale closeouts can be sold by the pallet or truckload, but they need to go in order to make room in the warehouse for new products coming in. You can sell liquidation stock online or you can contact excess inventory buyers if you want to sell the entire inventory.

By opening a small business, you will literally and figuratively be in good company, as you will be part of the fire-breathing engine of the U.S. economy and on the leading edge of economic growth in your community and your nation. If you are shutting down your business or closing a warehouse, you will also have to get rid of all the inventory in one fell swoop. Excess merchandise does not have to be a problem for you and there are closeout buyers and wholesale surplus buyers who can help.

Many Americans may not be aware that 99.9 percent of U.S. businesses are small businesses, and 46.8 percent of U.S. employees work for these 32.5 million businesses. In fact, in 2019, small businesses were responsible for exports of goods worth nearly $460 billion. Without a doubt, small business owners excel at hard work and deliver on goods and services. As I like to say, we’re not in the reality business, we’re in the real-world business, and all indications are that things are picking up tremendously. The thousands of containers that were delivered late offer huge opportunities for new businesses interested in buying and selling overstock inventory. We have been buying containers of closeouts that were canceled orders sitting in 3PL warehouses costing too much money in warehouse fees.

Wall Street’s dire predictions forecasting the demise of retail were as wrong as wrong can be. Major U.S.-based retailers announced 8,100 new store openings in 2021, flying in the face of the pandemic and a changed retail environment. This was helped by a number of broad and specific factors, from the indomitable American spirit to pandemic-related lease negotiations. Closeout websites are also popular as are other deal sites selling closeouts, overstock inventory and deals on discontinued merchandise.

I strongly believe challenging economic times often bring more opportunities for new businesses, not less. Remember the innovation we saw during the recession that lasted between 2007 to 2009? Square, Venmo, Slack, and the i-Phone tapped into a greater need for digital payments due to an increasing gig-based workforce, an enhanced focus on remote collaboration, and a desire to monetize unused extra living space.During tough times, the opportunities out there are what I call “silver linings.” One of them is getting back to the basics, doing what made us successful in the first place.

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