Bouncing Back From Rejection. And Why You Have No Other Choice.

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The dreaded “R” word: rejection. (Even typing the word is unpleasant!) It’s something that comes up in our lives probably more often than we’d like. Rejection is something we all have to deal with all the time. It’s part of the job. Overstock buyers and companies that buy closeouts are always dealing with rejection. You can’t let it derail you, otherwise every week of your life becomes a train-wreck. If you are shutting down a warehouse or you have a warehouse full of overstock inventory, you will likely have to sell at a loss just to get rid of everything. Fortunately, there are closeout buyers who specialize in buying dead stock and old inventory. These buyers are making offers to buy closeouts everyday, and in many cases face loads of rejection. A friend of mine put it best when he once said “We get a lot of no’s”

Let’s be honest, rejection sucks. It’s never fun. But, it is a necessary and normal part of life. The key is to not let rejection knock you down for too long – there are some strategies to help you bounce back from rejection more quickly and stronger than before. Overstock buyers are trained to quickly evaluate the value of excess inventory, and make offers to purchase closeouts below the regular import cost. In many cases, sellers are shutting down a warehouse and need to liquidate,or they have just moved on and need to get rid of dead inventory. In other scenarios some companies have simply accumulated too much overstock inventory and it is taking up warehouse space needed for new products. Sometimes buyers are successful in making offers to buy obsolete stock, but in many cases they are shut down for making offers that are too low. Rejection. Part of the game. If you have inventory you need to get rid of, try searching online for overstock buyers. You can search terms like these: need warehouse space, closeouts, closeout brokers, liquidation buyers and shutting down business. Any of these search terms should get you moving toward the liquidation process.

Rejection hurts for a lot of reasons. And when you find yourself hurting, one of the best things you can do to find your personal solution is identify exactly what you are feeling. Rejection often feels like a personal failure. Are you mad that someone else was selected over you? Are you feeling hurt because your romantic feelings were on the line and you feel personally rejected? Are you angry because you feel like you wasted your time preparing for something that didn’t work out? Personally, I often feel rejected in business because we make so many offers to buy closeouts and most times are turned down. Overstock buyers only job is to identify opportunities to buy closeouts and overstock inventory cheap enough to resell into the secondary discount market. The secondary market consists of discount stores, liquidators, and buyers for all closeouts that companies need to get rid of. If a business is shutting down or downsizing warehouses, it may need to reduce inventory by having a liquidation sale. Many times prices are not initially low enough so closeout buyers make offers to take everything in one fell swoop. Sometimes our offers are accepted and we are able to buy large quantities of excess inventory to sell to our customers. But other times we are rejected and sometimes it doesn’t feel very good.

Get specific on what you’re feeling. This is truly difficult, because it requires us to be honest with ourselves, and honesty can be painful. But honesty is the only way to make real progress. The past 30 months for closeout brokers and closeout distributors feels like 30 years. When the pandemic began, business was severely interrupted and business were shutting down warehouses and closing up shop left and right. For awhile, there was so much excess inventory available we couldn’t handle it. The thought of the country shutting down to protect us from Covid created a level of fear my generation had not seen before. Businesses immediately began liquidating inventory, getting rid of closeouts, slow moving inventory and basically anything they could just to generate sales.

But it didn’t take long before the consumer began spending again. With restaurants, bars and movie theaters closed there was little else to do. Even retailers that were stocked in closeouts and had plenty of inventory to sell couldn’t sell the traditional way because the stores were closed. Fortunately, we had the internet. Online shopping became the new normal and things were rocking. Closeouts and excess inventory became valuable again as consumers were spending like crazy on everything. Closeout toys, closeout housewares, excess inventory of home décor, sporting goods, lawn and garden products, you name it. When you’re feeling down, one of the best things you can do is lean on the support of your loved ones.. Especially when all you want to do is hang out in bed (remember: your wallowing has a deadline!), reaching out and connecting with someone can make you feel so much better. Relationships are the most fulfilling element of our lives, but it’s easy to forget that when we become wrapped up in our own journey. And you’ll pretty much always feel better after talking to someone.

One of the best ways to jumpstart good feelings after rejection is by getting your sweat on. Working out offers a host of physical and mental health benefits, and exercise is proven to improve your mood, lift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself. If you buy and sell closeouts you will find exercise is a great way to eliminate stress. Buying excess inventory from importers and distributors is a challenging job and takes a lot of time and energy. Many times overstock buyers travel to see different deals; especially if a business is shutting down the warehouse or closing down. In this instance there may be multiple closeout buyers looking at the same inventory and it is essential to make an offer quickly without wasting time. Running, swimming or just walking 3 days a week can take the edge off these stressful situations and make buying closeouts easier.

When we exercise, our bodies produce endorphins, which are chemicals that reduce the perception of pain, improve immunity and help you relax – they are natural mood boosters that heighten feelings of optimism and satisfaction. So when you exercise, you are naturally turning on you body’s “override” system for the negative feelings associated with rejection.

One of the things that stings most when we do experience rejection is our pride – we are inclined to take the rejection extremely personally (which is totally natural and normal!) With interest rates rising and inflation running hot, companies are shutting down 3PL warehouses or downsizing warehouses to save money. The cost of storing dead inventory has become cost prohibitive and it is cheaper to get rid of slow moving products than to keep them. If you are looking for a company that buys closeouts, you can search online for liquidators, overstock buyers, closeout brokers, closeout distributors and excess inventory. These terms all mean pretty much the same thing, but may produce slightly different results.

Merchandise USA specializes in buying closeouts and helping businesses understand the liquidation process and closeout process. We buy closeout pet products, overstock of housewares, excess inventory of home décor and obsolete inventory in all categories including lawn and garden and toys. If you are shutting down operations and closing the warehouse we can help you.