Buy Closeouts In Our New Las Vegas Showroom

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This year we opened a new showroom in Las Vegas at 101 Convention Center Drive. It was a terrific opportunity to sell our regular customers as well as meet some new ones. Merchandise USA is an inventory closeout buyer and we work with overstock buyers and sell closeouts. If you have any need to liquidate inventory we can help with dead inventory

Closeouts exist for many different reasons, ranging from companies shutting down their warehouse to having too much inventory closeouts on hand. Every business at one time or another will be faced with having to liquidate inventory and sell closeouts because this is a normal part of running a distribution companies. 3PL warehouses shutting down often have excess inventory they need to get rid of because customers can abandon products and leave them in the warehouse. Also, recessions and economic downturns can lead to slowdowns in business that create liquidation inventory opportunities and other reasons to sell closeouts and obsolete inventory.

You might realize you have obsolete inventory – or are on your way to holding excess stock – but you’re choosing to do nothing about it. Worse, you might believe that sometime in the future there will be a new surge in consumer demand and your obsolete inventory will vanish without the need to contact overstock buyers and companies that liquidate inventory. Letting obsolete inventory waste away in your warehouse won’t solve the problem, and neither will fantasizing about it disappearing in a stroke of pure luck. Both of these strategies will only increase the amount of dead stock you accumulate. If you have obsolete inventory, the best thing to do is deal with it right away. Merchandise USA buys your dead stock for cash and we re-sell it into the secondary discount market. We have showrooms in Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas all filled with closeouts and overstock inventory.

Obsolete inventory management is mostly about understanding your customers and making sure you’re matching their demands. If you don’t, you’ll inevitably order more than you need or have closeout products your customers don’t want, leading you to have to contact inventory closeouts buyers and overstock buyers and overstock liquidators. So what’s the best tool for forecasting customer demand? The same tool we mentioned above that tracks inventory levels in real-time – cloud-based inventory management software. It allows you to track your sales alongside your stock for deeper insight into your customers’ buying patterns and the success of your marketing strategies. If you want to prevent obsolete inventory from raising your costs and cluttering your warehouse, we can help liquidate your merchandise

Obsolete inventory is often referred to as “obsolete stock,” “dead inventory,” or “excess inventory.” These terms all apply to any items that have reached the end of its product lifecycle hich means there is no market demand for the product anymore.

Most businesses determine that its inventory is obsolete once there are no sales after a set amount of time. Obsolete inventory is a warning sign that you haven’t been following the best practices for selling through your inventory and turning stock at a strong rate. practices you might have engaged in that contributed to your obsolete stock. Too much inventory is a sign that you are overbuying or underselling. Warehouse liquidation sales are a great way to get rid of excess inventory and move through old inventory. Buyers are always looking for great deals on dead stock and are willing to shell out their hard earned cash for closeouts and heavily discounted merchandise you want to dispose of. If you are shutting down your 3PL warehouse you can easily hold a warehouse liquidation sale for excess inventory liquidators.

At the end of a season, event or holiday, many retailers will find themselves left with excess stock on their hands. While having plenty of stock can be a good thing, having too much stock that you have to clear can lead to losing vital space in your warehouse, and not being able to give enough attention to promoting other products and areas of your business. It is important to sell excess inventory and make room, but this can be costly because liquidators only pay pennies on the dollar. Selling obsolete inventory does not have to be stressful and it should be easy to work with inventory liquidators that buy overstock closeouts. The most common reasons for ending up with excess stock (or dead stock) are: end of selling season, too much competition, consumer lack of demand.

Dump bins can be used to present your promotional and discounted items in areas where there is high footfall, in order to maximize the chance of them being put in the baskets of customers passing by. They are a tried-and-tested way of encouraging customers to make impulse purchases and increase your average order value. Dump bins come in all shapes and sizes, from freestanding baskets to counter top tubs. Areas to place them for maximum customer engagement are by checkouts, at the end of aisles and at the entrance to your store. This is a great way to get rid of old inventory or sell dead stock. Overstock items for sale can be used in special promotions to draw customers in and encourage them to buy more. Excess inventory liquidators are familiar with these practices and use them often to liquidate inventory.

Merchandise USA has been a closeout buyer and inventory liquidator for 37 years. We buy overstock toys, closeouts on housewares and home decor and excess inventory of sporting goods and pet products. Closeouts and overstock liquidation experts.