Where To Find The Best Online Overstock Deals.

sell surplus inventory overstock

Everyone loves a good deal. It seems to be a part of human nature that we all love to feel like we uncovered a buried treasure! If you are willing so spend some extra time online, you can find yourself some terrific deals on excess inventory and closeout overstock merchandise. Closeout buyers who are willing to put in the extra effort might also be able to find companies needing to liquidate if they are downsizing or closing their warehouse.

1. Groupon. This is a fun website chocked full of overstock deals and special promotions from major U.S. companies wanting to sell excess inventory. Groupon aligns themselves with companies so they get deals on all consumer goods at a fraction of the regular price. Closeout buyers can do well on this site getting deals on everything from personal services to retail products.

2 Overstock.com. This site is one of the original sellers of overstock and excess inventory. You will find amazing deals on everything from furniture and rugs to jewelry and home improvement. In addition to their everyday low prices, Overstock.com often has flash sales offering even deeper closeout discounts. It’s easy to find liquidations here because these guys specialize in deals from closeout distributors, bankruptcies and companies closing warehouses.

3. Amazon. What can we say. Probably the best all around site for everyday goods, at the lowest prices, with the fastest delivery times. In many ways it is impossible to compete with Amazon, but other online sellers are always finding ways to make themselves relevant and unique to the consumer. Many closeout buyers find deals and resell them on Amazon, making this site another haven for consumers interested in deals. Customers can get their hands on surplus inventory, liquidation inventory, and closeouts of baby goods, housewares, home décor, lawn and garden and much more.

4. eBay. We love eBay for many reasons but one of the best is the easy seller to buyer interface. This is a fantastic site for finding deals on both new and used goods, and it offers an open and transparent buying experience. Asking questions or getting additional information from sellers is fast and simple. Ebay is filled with overstock deals and excess inventory, as well as pre-owned and refurbished goods.

5. Aliexpress. This is a China based online seller. Alibaba is owned by superstar Alibaba and often the prices are even lower than from Amazon. Many of the items are available from Chinese sellers who either own or work direct with their own factory. This is a great way to find super closeout deals, but it often takes longer for orders to arrive because they ship from Overseas. Tracking can sometimes be a challenge, but many closeout buyers and liquidators are willing to put up with this to get low prices. Alibaba offers the consumer everything from apparel and stationery to closeouts of housewares and closeout pet products.