Have You Been In A Thrift Store Lately? You’re In For A Surprise.

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Over the years, thrift shopping has become increasingly popular among people of all ages. Whether you’re a bargain hunter or a fashionista looking for unique vintage finds, thrift stores are the perfect place to shop for one-of-a-kind items at value prices. Thrift stores sell used goods as well as new goods closeouts of all kinds of merchandise. They sell overstock inventory that may be left over when a company shuts down a 3PL warehouse or when it is moving a warehouse. There are many different reasons closeouts make there way to thrift outlet stores. Here are some of the top reasons to go thrift shopping for closeouts:

You Can Find hidden gems

Thrift shopping often feels like treasure hunting, because you never know what “hidden gems” and closeout deals you might find! Surplus inventory and overstock is updated every day with donated clothing, accessories, jewelry and household goods, all priced at a fraction of their original value. These stores carry overstock inventory and liquidation opportunities as well as used, donated goods. If you’re on the hunt for brand-name designer items, you just might find a deal on leftover closeouts from a company that closed or was shutting down it's 3PL warehouse. Head to one of the Goodwill boutique stores, where you can find gently used designer goods at fantastic prices, or liquidation stock for sale at a fraction of regular cost. Overstock merchandise makes it's way to thrift stores for a variety of reasons, including bankruptcies, discontinued merchandise and business's moving warehouses and shutting down operations.

Do good for the environment

Thrift shopping is inherently environmentally-friendly. By buying closeouts and shopping secondhand instead of buying brand new clothing or household goods, you help extend the life of reusable items and prevent unnecessary waste from filling area landfills and taking up valuable warehouse space. When you purchase gently used items at a thrift outlet, you’re playing an important part in keeping our planet beautiful! In addition to new goods, thrift stores often carry a percentage of brand new liquidation stock of toys, home goods, closeout housewares and even lawn and garden closeouts. These products can be leftover inventory if a business is shutting down it's 3PL warehouse or if they failed to sell overstock inventory through their regular distribution channels.

Give back to your community

When you make the choice to thrift shop your closeout purchase goes further to positively impact your community. Every item purchased in one of these retail stores helps support their mission to change lives through the power of work. The money you spend helps fund Goodwill’s job training and programs for individuals with disabilities and others facing barriers to employment. Last year alone, thrift outlets helped more than 3,000 individuals receive skill training, career development, job placement, and life enrichment services, with help from Goodwill shoppers. In addition, shoppers were able to take advantage of closeouts and deals

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to start thrift shopping for closeouts and overstock inventory. Whether you’re looking for great bargains or want to live a most environmentally-friendly lifestyle, Thrift outlets have you covered. Best of all, thrift shopping is a wonderful way to “pay it forward” and make a positive difference in the lives of people who need help.

And if you need another reason to go thrift shopping, Friday, August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day! What better reason to head to your local thrift store and score great bargains on liquidation merchandise, closeouts and overstock inventory of clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and much, much more!

As soon as you walk into a Goodwill outlet, you will notice one huge difference from the normal retail stores – there are no clothing racks. All the items at the Goodwill Outlet are presented in blue bins. Bins are organized by item type and arranged into easy-to-browse rows and aisles – making your non-stop shopping trip that much more accessible. You will discover great deals on surplus inventory that was not sold for full price, and is now discounted to a fraction of original cost and being sold on closeout. Companies that buy overstock merchandise often resell to thrift stores and Goodwill Outlets. You can also buy liquidations online by shopping on Goodwill's websites.

Thrift shopping is all about the thrill of the hunt. Nothing compares to the feeling of discovering a genuinely unique clothing item or a one-of-a-kind accessory after an avid search. Because thrift stores don't rely on a jumble of clothing racks, thrifters will enjoy the chance to truly “dig” into countless bins of unclaimed treasures. When companies liquidate excess inventory and sell closeouts, they often discount by up to 90% off regular wholesale. This means when you discover these gems in a thrift store, you are buying closeouts on brand new goods at a huge overstock discount.

You’ll likely spend at least an hour or two browsing the vast selection at a thrift store, so it is important to prepare for your trip ahead of time. You may want to wear a backpack or fanny pack so you can keep both of your arms free for digging and perusing. It can also be fun to bring some music with you so you can tune in to your favorite songs as you explore the store The items you’ll uncover at a thrift store have often reached their final stop on their discount closeout journey. This means that they will not only be at their lowest possible prices, but also that they have withstood the tests of time by proving themselves to be durable, well-built, and high-quality items. You’ll be walking away with new treasures and a little extra cash left in your wallet. Inventory liquidators who specialize in selling closeouts often place them in discount stores and thrift stores where they have wide exposure to the buying public.

Many loyal shoppers visit their local thrift stores once a week, sometimes twice if they have the time. Ours is literally 5 minutes from our house, so it’s easy to pop in often. Some days you might score big with incredible finds on closeouts. Other days you may walk out completely empty handed. But you'll never know unless you stop in and check out the goods. With closeouts, the inventory is constantly changing due to the range of liquidation products available and also due to how much closeout buying the store has done.

If you’ve never had any luck finding closeouts at a thrift store before, it might just be because you went on an “off” day when their stock wasn’t so great. When the yard sales in your area are in full swing, chances are your local thrift store will get a spike in merchandise too. (Winter can be a bit of a dud.) Also, keep in mind during recessions or slow times, more companies shut down 3PL warehouses and close up shop, creating excess inventory for sale, closeouts, liquidation inventory and surplus merchandise.

Since most yard sales are on the weekends, you may have the most luck on Mondays after items have been donated. Most people usually clean out their closets and storage areas over the weekend. And if you hit up the store after a holiday weekend, you can expect an even bigger selection since most people have more time to purge their stuff and get rid of dead stock or slow moving products.

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