The Truth About Working From Home. Is It Really A Good Idea?

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Working from home can be an appealing career move. It eliminates most of the traditional aspects of going to work, like commuting and dressing in business attire, while reducing social interaction and standard means of accountability. Closeout wholesalers that liquidate overstock stock for a living may find working from home to be an acceptable alternative than going to an office or 3PL warehouse. You can buy and sell excess inventory and sell old inventory just as easily from home. Depending on your preferred work style and culture priorities, it could either be the best thing for you or the worst. So, if you're thinking about a work-at-home job, there are several things to consider before making the transition. If you have closeout websites that constantly require uploading new closeouts and liquidation stock for sale, you may do just find working from home. Liquidation companies can likely do a hybrid of working from home and the office.

The benefits of liquidating merchandise from a home office can have several far-reaching effects. For instance, when you eliminate commuting, you can reduce your fuel and transportation expenses. There will be more time to talk with closeout wholesalers and more opportunity to sell old inventory if you aren't sitting in traffic. Telecommuting can also help you reduce other expenses like work clothing, meals and even childcare. Saving on the costs of childcare can be especially advantageous to parents working from home. Closeout companies that liquidate overstock specialize in helping Amazon FBA sellers stop spending on excessive storage costs. These closeout buyers also work with closeout websites , closeout distributors and other closeout wholesalers who can help businesses when they are shutting down a 3PL warehouse or closing down their business. When you work independently in a quieter environment, you may be more productive. Increased productivity relates to several more factors including the ability to move around your home freely and take breaks whenever you feel the need to. Being able to step away from your work when you feel like you need a break can help you stay motivated and reduce burn-out.

Telecommuting often requires using technical applications, such as online meeting, communication and team collaboration platforms. This is an easy transition for salespeople who liquidate overstock and sell old inventory. They can easily work with WhatsApp, Zoom or FaceTime to show off their current excess inventory. Closeout housewares, overstock toys, excess inventory of garden products and discontinued sporting goods inventory can all be shown in video calls. You are able to develop technical skills that you may not typically use in a physical workplace. Working from home requires consistent communication between teams and managers, which likely requires more emails, phone calls, video calls and chats in messaging platforms. This may prove to be the biggest challenge since it seems in the closeout industry, every day is a new day. One day we may buy closeouts of sporting goods and the next day may be a warehouse closing and needing to get rid of home goods. This can make remote work a little more challenging because the truckloads of excess inventory arriving are always different. Companies liquidating inventory range from importers of toy soldiers to distributors of housewares. Liquidation stock is always different, making operations of a closeout company seem different from day to day. Regular use of communication tools will improve your skills when updated closeout websites or dealing with closeout wholesalers and closeout distributors.

You have a lot of flexibility with most telecommuting jobs. For instance, many work-from-home positions are unaffected by normal business hours, making it easier to attend to life events like medical appointments. Work-from-home roles can be a huge benefit for parents who work unconventional schedules to accommodate their families. Closeout buyers may have personal appointments to keep during the day. When you buy excess inventory from your home you can take some liberties not available in the office. You have no office distractions when you work from home. Office noise like coworkers talking, office equipment running or phones ringing can be highly distracting in a work environment. A home office doesn't have these same distractions, and it will allow you to concentrate on buying and selling excess inventory with very little distraction. There will always be overstock merchandise for sale, so it is important for buyers to be available whether it is at the office or from home. When companies sell overstock inventory they need immediate advise on how the closeout process works, and they need to be able to reach you.

Depending on the industry you work in and where you live, you may be eligible for various grants or telecommuting incentives. Some states have remote worker incentive programs that offer monetary allowances in order to motivate workers to relocate to those areas. If you buy surplus merchandise you can likely work from anywhere. Now you can make money buying and selling closeouts and getting cash incentives at the same time. Closeout liquidation companies typically do not allow work from home options, so this would be a new opportunity that may prove to be helpful. Merchandise liquidators might also find working from home easier if they need to visit warehouses Consider available grants for remote workers to help you pay for your home office setup.

Employee satisfaction in remote positions may be higher because of the flexibility in performing their jobs. Not only are you able to make decisions independently, you're also able to work comfortably without the worry of office-related stress, interruptions or other challenges you might find in a traditional workplace. If you buy overstock or specialize in the closeout industry, being able to work with little or no stress is a major benefit. Closeout liquidation companies can be stressful places to work, so being able to work on the liquidation of a company in peace and quiet is a huge plus. This can have a direct influence on your overall job satisfaction.

Telecommuting also comes with the risk of working longer than you should. This can definitely lead to burn-out and increased work-related stress. You can avoid this by clearly defining your schedule and allocating specific times for your job tasks and personal tasks. For some people, it's important to have a designated workspace that you can leave when the workday is over. Closeouts can be all consuming and you don't want to be working on companies liquidations 24/7.

Although working from home can help increase your productivity, it can also be a challenge to it. With the freedom to move around and take breaks whenever the mood arises, it might be difficult to stay focused on the tasks you're working on. Let's say you are in the middle of working on a large liquidation buyout and you want to take a break. Working from home will allow you this luxury, but you don't want to stop in the middle of a project. Wholesale surplus liquidators often work long hours due to the large amounts of closeout merchandise and excess inventory available. This can ultimately lead to slower productivity. One way to combat this is to implement productivity tools like time trackers and task management applications.

Telecommuting can sometimes lead to a disconnect between you and your coworkers. Working from home means you won't have access to immediate information about important business processes until someone in the company communicates it to you. Make sure to stay connected with your physical workplace through constant communication whenever you have questions or concerns.

Although working from home can offer you the opportunity to balance your home life with your job, it can also be challenging to create a distinct separation between your career and personal life. You don't want to be having dinner with a spouse and always discussing surplus inventory, 3PL warehouses shutting down, bankruptcies, overstock inventory and business liquidations. Set clear boundaries between your work hours and personal time, and communicate these boundaries with others in your home. With isolation and workplace disconnect comes less face time. Working remotely, you won't have the same opportunities to speak face-to-face with coworkers and the community unless you get out and about. You can also integrate more face-to-face interactions within online conference platforms to engage with coworkers.

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