I'm Leaving The Country And Have To Liquidate. Where Do I Start?

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Leaving the country and making a major life change can be a challenging proposition. But if you also have to clear old stock, get rid of inventory, contact closeout distributors and close a business, this can be pain on a whole different level. Inventory liquidators often buy closeouts from companies that are selling excess inventory and selling overstock in order to either move or close down.

If you are planning to close your company and move to another country, on of the first things you will want to do is contact inventory liquidators and explain your situation. If you are under time pressure and in need of acting quickly, you should concentrate on selling overstock and clear old stock early in the process so you don’t end up in a desperate situation. Closing down a warehouse can be a huge undertaking and not something to take lightly. It can take many months of preparation and organization to get things organized and under control so you are in a position to sell everything.

Closeout distributors specialize in buying excess inventory, but if you can organize your warehouse and present it in an organized fashion, you will have a better chance of getting higher prices and getting rid of inventory quickly. Messy inventory in an unorganized warehouse can be challenging to work with.

Make sure you cancel all your business licenses and permits. Inventory liquidators and closeout distributors will be happy to help you close your warehouse and get rid of all the inventory. But you will no longer need to have your business license, permits, license, etc, and this is something you will have to handle yourself. Once you sell excess inventory and liquidate your warehouse, you still must deal with all the other aspects of closing down a business and moving to another country.

Make sure you complete all your transactions and get paid in full when selling overstock. You will likely clear old stock and sell your inventory at a discount to clean it all out; the last thing you want is to have to chase after that money from another country.

Once you arrive in your new location you may want to start up a new business. It will be important for you to understand any regional and local business practices including permits, licenses, etc. There have been closeout distributors who thought they would be able to do everything just as they used to. But the truth is not all countries are the same and where it may be easy to clear old stock or sell overstock in one region, it may be completely different selling excess inventory in another. Inventory liquidators selling overstock must do their research so they know their responsibilities. Closeout distributors are no different from any other distributors – they must adhere to the laws and policies of the country in which they operate.